Charles Dickens : Oliver Twist

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Alejandro Rodela Bri. American p.10 Mr. Tryniecki 11 December 2017 Oliver Twist Charles Dickens had many works that were written. One of his best works while being a writer was Oliver Twist. The novel, Oliver Twist, was Dickens first ever novel published. Charles Dickens had a great impact on British Literature. The reason why Charles Dickens wrote Oliver Twist is to express the views on how the rich treated the poor and the laws regarding the poor. Charles Dickens published many other stories that are well-known still in today’s society. His books are known to be read all over the world. Some of the stories that were published include A Christmas Carol, David Copper, A Tale of Two Cities, and Great Expectations. The novels that were created had a specific purpose towards human nature. Charles Dickens purpose was to try to help bring about societal change ( Dickens was born on February 7, 1812 in Portsmouth, which is on the southern coast of England. When Charles was at a young age, him and his family were considered to be part of the lower class. The parents of Dickens gave great effort in trying to support the family. Charles’s father John Dickens, was a naval clerk while his mother, Elizabeth Dickens was aspired to be a school teacher ( At a young age, Dickens was being forced to work. With small amounts of money his family had, food was scarce and education for the family was beginning to diminish.. At age 12, John Dickens was sentenced to prison after being in debt after long periods if time. Soon later after his father's imprisonment, Charles was forced to not attend school, but to work at a factory. Charles Dickens did not have a chance to be a kid, but grow up in just an instant and become... ... middle of paper ... ... other. Dickens uses Oliver to symbolize determination, that everyone, including the poor, can overcome any obstacle in their path. Even the poor can accomplish and overcome anything they wish to set their mind to. Work Cited “Charles Dickens.”, A&E Networks Television, 30 Nov. 2017, Charles Dickens Info, Littlejohn, Amanda. “A Social History of Charles Dickens and Oliver Twist.” Owlcation, Owlcation,19Sept.2017, Charles Dickens & Poverty – And What He Might Think of Britain Today.” History Is Now Magazine, Podcasts, Blog and Books | Modern International and American History,
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