Charles Dickens' Life and Works

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Charles Dickens was born of february 7, 1812, Portsmouth, England. Dickens started his career as a freelance reporter meaning he chose when and where to work. Couple of years later he published some sketches about how was life in London. He started the pickwick papers, one of his first recognized works. later on he wrote some couple of books before taking a break to write his major work, " a christmas carol''.

When he was young his family moved to London and his father had some inconvenient to make money to his big family. A few months later after his father was released from prison he inherit money form his mother, that had died while his father was in prison. He went to school until he was 15 year old. After that he worked at the lawyer's office. While working in the day he took some latin classes at night. While he worked as a clerk in the lawyer's office. His dead mother wanted Charles to work at the factory.

After producing "Christmas Carol" Dickens became famous and his progress increased considerably through the years pass with each book he wrote. He also edited some magazines. dickens also managed a theater that gave him more ideas and imagination to continue writing novels. These type of achievements gave him a place as one of the better english writers in history.

Dickens turned out to be one of the most popular writers already being young. when he was thirty he already was one of the most successful authors of England. at the time he was forty he was one of the most popular celebrities for literature i the whole world. it was hard for others to accomplish what Charles did because he received really good critics and worldwide success.

"A christmas carol'' wrote by Charles Dickens is his best and most recognized ...

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...and Son (1848)", "A Tale of Two Cities (1859)", "Our Mutual Friend and The Mystery of Edwin Drood". also some of this stories are recognized for the main character being miserable and lonely. he also used solme elements of surrealism and humor to picture images of ghostly comic characters who became representatives of moral falling, corruption, greed, and evil in the modern world.

I think that Charles dickens was an amazing writer that had a way of mixing fiction to reality and still made it in a traditional form. my conclusion of dickens is that he is a genius with mistakes in his writing that also had his ups and downs through life. everything that he lived through inspired him to write those marvelous stories. my favorite quote from dickens is " There is wisdom of the head, and a wisdom of the heart" symbolizing how he put his life experience into his writings.

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