Charles Dickens' Great Expectations

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Charles Dickens' Great Expectations

When you first meet Heathcliff he is a person that is uncommunicative

and difficult to talk to at the age of 8. My impression of him is that

he is very shy. He seems to do whatever anyone says, especially his

foster parents, they have total control over him, even though his

foster parents aren't really too caring about him. His personality, I

think, seems odd, he is quiet and boring, but also he has made good

friends with Cathy and they soon fall in love. But with everyone else

he is quiet, and his slaved for work.

The kind of life I think he had before he came to Wuthering Heights,

was that his parents abused him, as he sometimes got into trouble and

was cheeky to his parents, but then again I think he was the type who

had no friends, a loner, just stayed in his room all the time. I don't

think his parents cared about him, so they fostered him out. Also he

complained a lot, moaned, just what normal kids do, but his parents

couldn't stand it. Now that he has foster parents, I don't think he is

the kid he used to be, his mean foster parents really bully him -

because he seems to be doing lots of work where as the other children

aren't, so really they are just picking on him.

After Mr Earnshaw died, Hindley decides to recall his old hatred, and

he turns into an evil man. He turns Heathcliff into a labourer on the

farm. His hatred towards Heathcliff grows, and decides to forbid him

seeing his loved one Cathy. I don't think this treatment was fair as

he seemed to be nice to Heathcliff and treated him with respect - the

reason I think that Hindley decided to awaken his hatred and throw it

all towards Heathcliff is because Hindley needed someone who was known

by Mr Earnshaw, so it was Heathcliff who was chosen for this

punishment, while Mr Earnshaw was alive, also I think that Hindley

wasn't the way he was now is because was scared of Mr Earnshaw and

since Heathcliff is his son he turned it all on him. But when he did

die, Hindleys revived hatred seems to make him want to own Heathcliff.

And he cannot do anything about this treatment, except plan his

revenge on Hindley.

Around Christmas Heathcliff wants to be more responsible, so he tries

to not cause trouble, but Edgar is really unfair to him and insults

him inadvertently 'I wonder they don't make his head ache.