Charles Dickens' Great Expectations

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This book takes place during the late 1800's and is a story about a confused child and his struggles though out life. It is broken down into three different stages. As the novel opens, Pip (main character) is wandering amongst his parents' tombstones in which he confronts an escaped convict. This criminal threatens Pip and tells him that in order for him to have his life spared, Pip has to bring him a metal file and food. Pip does so and the convict is grateful for his obedience. A few nights later, the police catch the criminal but Pip does not reveal to anyone what happened between the two of them. A few weeks later Pip is instructed by his sister, Mrs. Joe Gargery, (Pip's guardian) to go to Miss Havisham's house. This lady is a very weird and strange person. Her fiancé left her at the alter and she has hated men ever since. Her house is filled with wedding stuff that is molded and dust-covered because it has not been touched in 30 years. When Pip to Miss Havisham's house, he meets Estella. Miss Havisham's adopted daughter was taught to hate men and to never fall in love. Estella is very beautiful and Pip falls in love with her at first sight. However, she does not love him because she has been taught otherwise. Over time, Pip begins to fell ashamed of his uncommon life and wants to seek a richer, more interesting life. So Pip spends the next few years of his life at the forge where his Uncle Joe, who is a black smith, works. While working he receives a surprise visit from a lawyer, named Mr. Jaggers, who tells him that he has "great expectations" from a secret benefactor. This means that someone will pay Pip to learn how to be a gentleman. This gets Pip very excited. At first Pip thinks that the benefactor in Miss Havisham because he thinks that he is being groomed into a gentleman so he can someday marry Estellas. The next stage begins with Pi going off to London to become a gentleman. He gets an apartment and lives with Herbert Pocket. In London Pip gets tutored, and learns exactly what it takes to become a gentleman. However, he still is curious on who his secret benefactor is. He goes to Mr. Jaggers to uncover the mystery but the lawyer will not give him a clue. Pip later receivers a letter from Estella explaining that she is in Paris, and she would be happy to see him. Pip not seeing her for years instantly falls back in love with her but in

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