Charles Dickens' Great Expectations

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Charles Dickens' Great Expectations Great Expectations is a story of a young boy who is an orphan. The novel traces the growth of the narrator. The story is about Pip who gets himself into some unexpected scenarios throughout the novel. The novel Great Expectations is written in the Victorian period an age of industry, social status and crime. The author of the novel Charles Dickens wrote many novels and he got most of his inspiration to write these novels from the way of life in the Victorian period. Great Expectations was one of many successful novels that he wrote, and it is said by many people that the best novel that Charles Dickens has ever written is Great Expectations. In the novel Great Expectations it shows Pip trying to escape from his families' poverty and from his very strict and unhappy life. Charles dickens uses Pip to narrate through the novel and we can tell that it is Pip narrating because he uses words like 'I' and 'my', which shows Pip is talking in the first person. Chapter one in Great Expectations gives a great insight into the character Pip through his name, Dickens has thoughtfully portrayed Pip as to be a youthful naive boy. Pip is subservient and impressionable as he does everything as he is told to do, by anyone even a stranger. Pip meets a stranger in the chapter called Magwitch and Pip still keeps his manners with Magwitch "Tell us your name!", "Pip, sir". While Pip is talking to Magwitch, someone that he does not know he still talks to Magwitch as a very respected person which makes Magwitch feel better. Pip manages too change from his poor blacksmith family because Magwitch sent Pip a five hundred pound for his birthday because Pip helped Magwitch out, so Magwitch returns the favour and gets Pip out of his families poverty and unhappiness. Pip is very happy because he began in a bad blacksmith background and now he has "five hundred pound" he will be able to help his family too have a better life.

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