Charles Darwin Natural Selection Essay

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Charles Darwin is a revolutionary naturalist, his theories and discoveries of nature continue to stand two centuries later. Even as a young child, Darwin conveyed his interests in nature and later in his career, furthered his passion as a naturalist spending his earlier years gathering bulky counts of data. While studying at Cambridge University, he accepted the request to work as a naturalist on the scientific ship HMS Beagle collecting biological and geological data. On this excursion, he visited places such as the Galapagos Islands, Australia, and other South American islands to record and collect data. The data and fossils collected confirmed that complex plant life had evolved from a basis plant life. Until 1859, when he published On the…show more content…
Natural selection is the vitiating factors affecting survival and reproduction based on physical characteristics. The term of natural selection, created by Charles Darwin, was derived from a comparison of natural selection to forced “selective breeding” (Than). Natural selection challenges traditional views because it caused friction between Darwin’s book On the Origin of Species and religious creationism. While in fact, Darwin’s theory of evolution has support from the evidence made by numerous types of scientific studies including genetics, paleontology, and developmental biology. And creationism, has no physical evidence or proof other than being in the bible. This places creation, supported by the bible, and evolution, supported by numerous scientific studies, against one another. Creationists against the theory of evolution state that everything was created by a single god, and explained that divine will govern the evolutionary process. This goes against Darwin’s theory that natural selection, not divine will, governs evolution (Feiro 3). Darwin does not deny creation, that the world may have been created by a religious figure, but it is operated by the natural laws displayed in his theories (Feiro 3-4). The scientific community accepted the gravitational theory without having to change religion, only their views and perspectives on physical properties. Similarly, people worldwide have accepted the theory of evolution with exception to these specific special interest groups. Even with the friction caused by the theory of evolution, such theory is essential to expanding scientific
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