Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution

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Numerous studies have been conducted on where humans evolved from and how they have developed over the years. Some people believe in the theory of evolution and others believe in the theory developed in religion. The researcher is interested in this topic because this is the theory of how human’s evolved over time. This theory marks where humans first started from, to now and the phenomena continues today. Another reason is because there are so many different facts and evidence found throughout the years to prove that humans have evolved over the years into the people they are today. Charles Darwin is not the founder of evolution, but with help from history and these scientists, Thomas Henry Huxley, Alfred Wallace and John Gould, he was able to develop the theory of evolution. These scientists contributed a huge amount to Charles research and helped him come up with the conclusion of where humans evolved.
Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution took years and years of research. Throughout these years he found different people who were also interested in this phenomena and had them join him in the study. Before Charles conducted his research he looked back in time to other scientists who wrote about this theory. Aristotle, a Greek philosopher, believed there were natural laws in how the world came to be. “He believed that there were “higher” species and also “lower” species, and the lower ones gave rise to the higher” (Rosenberger 3). He believed against the usual myths about how the universe came to be and had similar ideas to Darwin. In 1831, Charles was asked by Capt. Robert Fitz-Roy to set sail on the H. M. S. Beagle, which sailed around the world. “Charles was to record information about the geology,...

... middle of paper ... evolutionary change was not just a myth; it was possible. This study opened the door for other species to be studied and see if they evolved over time and how much they have evolved. This helped Darwin see evolution by comparing the living animal species. Darwin also used his children as research in his theory of evolution. He studied his children to see how nature gave way to nurture (Rosenberger v2-3). He had ten children, so he was able to study all of them and compare the results he obtained to one another. Through this study he learned that some human behaviors were adaptive and other human behaviors were learned and shared by culture. In 1851, he lost one of his daughters, and was able to observe that some people are able to cope and others cannot. This opened the door to many more characteristics that were the heart of the principle in natural selection.
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