Charles Chesnutt Creative Writing

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Charles W. Chesnutt was a black writer and author whose novels and stories defined racial pressures displayed in the South throughout the post-reconstruction period. He tended to a society overwhelmed by the myth of black inferiority and white dominance. Chesnutt's motivation in his creative writing was to present a viewpoint of social problems and racial pressures confronting the Southern whites and blacks that varied from the point of views that were introduced by other traditional authors. Charles W. Chesnutt was viewed as an intellectual black in the post war era in America. He was one of the first Afro-American writers to have his stories distributed and also one of the first African-American writers to be published in a white reading journal. This encouraged his reading audience to consist primarily of white readers. Charles Chesnutt was a dark American writer who approached his publishers for the option and freedom to treat racial and social issues from a colored person’s point of view: a few of the issues, for example were work and labor practices as well as racial intermarri...

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