Charles Babbage - The Father of the Computer

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Charles Babbage - The Father of the Computer Today’s technology connects humanity with one another, no matter what the distance may be. Without one man in particular, many of today’s advances in technology may not exist. Thanks to the designs and inventions made by Charles Babbage, we are able to share knowledge and create and maintain bonds with people all over the world. Charles Babbage overcame technological inadequacies in his time by designing new creations despite a lack of funds to build them, inventing items that helped medical and other scientific advancements, and inspired many other scientists and inventors. Charles Babbage designed many inventions, including “a cow-catcher for the front end of railway locomotives, failsafe quick release couplings for railway carriages, multi-coloured theatre lighting, an altimeter, a seismic detector, a tugboat for winching vessels upstream, a ‘hydrofoil’, and an arcade game for members of the public to challenge in a game of tic-tac-toe” (Computer History). He also designed the Difference Engine No. 1, which was the first functioning...

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