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Charles Babbage was born on December 26, 1791. He was one of the four children with the father as Benjamin Babbage and the mother as Betsy Plumleigh Teape, he had two brothers and a sister. His role in modern society was so vast that millions to millions of people today, depend upon his inventions. His great creations include the Difference Engine and the Analytical Engine. These machines were the first steps to the beautiful modern computers of the 20th century. Mr. Benjamin Babbage, Charles Babbage’s father, was a very wealthy man due to his career as a banking assistant to Praed’s & Co where he co-founded the union with William Praed. Being this successful, he was able to provide his children with the most preeminent institutions with the finest tutelage. In 1799, when young Charles was about 8, he had a life threatening fever, it was so dangerous that he almost died. His parents were forced to move him to a 30-student private academy and restarted his schooling. The academy proved to play a big part in his creations. The selection of books and resources in the facility inspired him and amplified his love for math. Babbage read numerous volumes and diaries written by Mathematicians and eventually taught himself Algebra. Some even say that he could have taught his many tutors during his time in high school. In October 1810 he enrolled in the College of Holy and Undivided Trinity, Cambridge (or the Trinity College of today). When the talented Charles got there he grew disappointed at the privation of mathematics that the school offered. Soon, out of boredom, he established a club, made up of him and his friends, called the Analytical Society for people who promoted the use of Leibnizian calculus. Diplomacy was not Babbage's forte... ... middle of paper ... ...of life hidden in the number of everything. In one example he counts the number of broken shards of glass in a broken factory window just to record the data, make tables out of the data and share the data. Babbage believed that facts were worth collecting and preserving, because the preservation of any fact might ultimately be useful. He wanted others to follow his examples and encouraged other to take his place of the father of the computer by asking youth to try to finish what he started. Sadly the Analytical Engine was only tweaked and twisted until his death on October 18, 1871. He lived to be 79 years old and produced the accomplishments that led to what is allowing you to read this right now. He was the inspiration of thousands he is the inspiration for millions. All of our lives would be much different if it weren’t for Charles Babbage and his creations.

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