Charisma and Political Communication

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If I said that Hitler, Obama and Jesus have one thing in common, would you believe me ? Indeed, all these people mentioned have this super ability to move masses wherever they have been thanks to their charisma. Actually there was no concrete agreed on by all definition of charisma. These term has a Greek origin...... Which means grace and special gifts. In ancient Greece, the "charits" where goddess who had charm, beauty, loveliness and could easily captivate the attention of any given group. These term was used for the first time by Rudolph Sohm, a specialist regarding igloos just take Laure to describe the remarkable religious qualities that Profitts from the Old Testament had in their extraordinary capacity to influence and lead men. Nowadays, charisma can be understood as that je ne sais quoi that set you apart from the crowd. He can be a charm thing, attractiveness that inspires feelings of admiration. Max Weber wrote a lot about charisma. Study charisma and charismatic leaders in the frame framework of the ideal of states in ease book that TRE of social in economic organization. In his book, he describes charisma as " a certain quality off an individual by virtue of which is set apart from ordinary man in treaty as endowed with supernatural, superhuman or at least specially exceptional powers and qualities". It will be interesting to see in what ways Karisma can be used as a political weapon ? In this essay will analyze our charisma can be used as a magnificent tool for political communication by two briefs case study of the style of Barack Obama and Adolf Hitler. We cannot talk about charisma without talking about Max Weber. He was a German economist and sociologist who throughout his work dealt a lot with this subject... ... middle of paper ... ...lowers blindly believe the leaders statements.number three followers unconditionally comply with the leaders directives for action.number four followers give the leader unqualified emotional commitment. Works Cited Kershaw, Ian. Hitler: 1889-1936. New York-London : W. W. Norton & Company, 1998. Print. Obama, Barack : Lessons on Charisma from Obama’s Campaign Trail." The Daily Mind. Web. 08 Dec. 2010. . Rees, Laurence. Hitler's charisma: leading millions into the abyss. New-York: Ebury Press, 2012. Print. Trevor Roper, Hugh. Introduction To The Hitler File: A Social History of Germany and the Nazis, 1918-1945. London: Grunfield Books, 1974. Print. Weber, Max, and Talcott Parsons. The theory of social and economic organization. New York: Free Press, 1964. Print.
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