Characters In Silver Sparrow

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The life of Dana The novel Silver Sparrow by Tayari Jones is the story of two families with the same father, a bigamist. Chaurisse and her mother Laverne, James Witherspoon 's first wife, have no idea the other family exists. Dana and her mother are part of his secret life, playing second fiddle to the family they share their father/husband with. The novel presents a wide variety of instances where intersections between gender, race, or class influence a character’s life. This novel shows how the identity of people change through the course of life and how it affects their interaction with other people in life. Dana is the daughter of James Witherspoon and Gwendolyn. However,…show more content…
Dana is just an object Gwendolyn uses to keep James closer to her. Although she loves and cares for Dana, she always supports James’s view of how Dana should live her life. She is responsible for how Dana’s life turns out and how Dana reacts to difficult situations in life. Dana has an unstable relationship with her boyfriend Marcus. Instead of complaining, she will rather comply to the gender role of the society which deals with a lady being submissive to a man. Likewise, this behavior is evident in the life of her mother when she is hit by James. Furthermore, a lot of pressure is put on Dana by her mother Gwendolyn. Gwendolyn acts like Dana is an adult but she is only a child. When Raleigh asks Gwendolyn to marry him, Gwendolyn seeks advice from little Dana when she notes, “Dana, what would you say about Uncle Raleigh becoming your new daddy?” (139). This is a hard question for a child who is struggling through emotional trauma with her real father that she loves dearly to comprehend. Also, Gwendolyn always tells Dana stories about her grandfather who is through with her after she leaves her first husband Clarence Yarboro (52). Not to mention, Dana is traumatized by the notion that in a relationship men tend to abandon women and leave them in despair which she acquired from stories told by her mother about her grandfather abandoning her after she leaves her first husband. Furthermore, the way Gwendolyn handles James’s decision to run back to the arms of Laverne really had an effect on how Dana handles the situation. Dana does not handle it in a logical manner and this leads her to visit James and question his reason for leaving her mother (339). Dana grows up as a replica of her mother and ends up having a child named Flora. Dana loves her daughter so much that she holds her closely the same way Gwendolyn shows affection for Dana at a young age.
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