Characterization Of The Same Name By Harper Lee

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Harper Lee 's novel To Kill A Mockingbird is considered to be an all-time classic, as is the movie adaption of the same name, directed by Robert Mulligan. The book and movie had many similarities, and while some aspects of the book were present in the film, some very important parts of Scout 's life included in the novel were left out. Harper Lee 's novel did a much better job at focusing on Scout 's life and how the people around her influenced her life at an early age than the movie did. Quite a few aspects of the book are present in the movie, such as the use of narration. An older version of Scout narrated both the book and film, and both readers and viewers were able to see life through Scout 's eyes. It was important that the book and movie be narrated by an older version of Scout because it allowed readers and viewers to understand the world directly through her perspective. Another point between book and movie that was similar was the trial of Tom Robinson. In both works, Atticus does his best to defend Tom, despite the amount of hate he was getting for defending a black man in a primarily white town. Atticus was adamant about defending this man because it was the right thing to do. No amount of personal bias would stand in the way of him working his hardest to defend a man that deserved to be defended. This really showed readers and viewers alike that you need to stand up for what you believe in no matter what. One way in which the book differs from the movie is the people in Scout’s life that serve as role models to her. Scout, having grown up without a mother, lacks a solid female role model. She was, however, surrounded by women that influenced her and the way she grew up. In the book, Scout has her help Calpurnia, he... ... middle of paper ... ...showcasing Scout 's life as a whole- simply just one part of her childhood. This event from her childhood did have a lasting effect on her and it did change her views on the world, but it is not the only event from her childhood that influenced her, and the film should have gone more in depth about what, exactly, influenced Scout in her early childhood. While the film touched on a very important memory from Scout 's young life, the fact that more of her life was not present in the movie is why the novel is better than the film. Scout was influenced by so many people in her life, not just her father Atticus. Had her relationships with the people around her been included in the film, viewers would have gotten a more in depth look at Scout 's life and how her young mind was shaped and how her life 's perspective changed throughout the course of a few years. (1274 words)

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