Characterity : Personality, Values, And Internal Characteristics

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Personality consists of different traits that each individual embodies. “A personality is an organized combination of attributes, values, motives, and behaviors unique to an individual” (Sigelman, pg. 332). Each personality is composed of a diverse variety of traits and characteristics that are influenced by our environment, upbringing, experiences, and personal attributes we have attained throughout our lives. These are examples of both external and internal characteristics. External characteristics include the environment and surroundings an individual is amerced in. Internal characteristics include traits such as introversion and extroversion, agreeableness, competence, etc. Self-understanding is how your external characteristics influence your internal characteristics, and vice versa. This gives us an introspect of the reasoning behind our individual personalities. However, though it may be easy to identify our external characteristics, some may lack the ability to accurately establish internal characteristics. Personality tests are tools that are utilized in order to get a more authentic understanding of those internal characteristics based off of an individual’s answers to a series of personal questions. In order to obtain a more accurate sense of my own internal characteristics, I partook in two personality tests. This includes the “Big 30” and the “MOTIV” tests. On the “Big 30” test, I was given multiple scores for quite a few different traits. A few of the traits that I tested high in were sociability, vulnerability, cautiousness, altruism. This means that I am friendly, selfless, controlled, and, at times, a little helpless. The traits that I tested low in were intellect, imagination, and aggressiveness, meaning I am no... ... middle of paper ... ...fy my legacy. Overall, I think that personality tests allow us to get a decently accurate understanding of ourselves; more specifically our personality traits and characteristics. The tests provide us with a sense of self-understanding, which ultimately provides us with the ability to find partners, jobs and lifestyles that are compatible to the kind of person we are. Having the ability to assess compatibility between ourselves and aspects of our lives will lead to higher success and happiness in life. However, it is important to not rely solely on these tests, for, as suggested by Levinson, we are constantly changing through the various phases of adulthood and our personality adapts to those changes. Lastly, it is important to trust in your self-understanding, for you are ultimately author of your own story, have the ability to create the person you wish to become.

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