Characteristics Of Work Teams

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Nowadays, work teams play a significant role in the organization that helps to achieve the objectives. A team is defined as a group of employees formed to work together in order to meet the work needs, which they cannot meet as individuals. They are designed to for both long-term and short-term interaction. As an important part, the management can improve the organization performance through the effective work teams. By knowing the characteristics of an effective work teams, the organization can manage and implement their own teams to complete their tasks.

Work teams needs certain features those make them work effectively and efficiently. By recognizing those features, the organization can use it to make teams as useful tools to achieve their
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With an open communication, members can express their opinions and ideas freely that can enhance the performance of the team. It also helps the members to understand their work more and have more information to complete the work that they are given. The members will be aware that there is no withhold of information among them since it will distract the flow of the information. In turn, they break the open communication and make only certain people in the team know what is happening and create barriers between members. When they communicate and ask questions, they start to build harmony in the working environment. This will stop them from making assumptions toward their members. Through open communication, it enables positive feedback. Team members will not be afraid to raise any concerns that can affect or disrupt the work. It can be a conflict, a disagreement in thinking, etc. Positive feedback supports them to manage the conflict or disagreement in earlier stages. They have chance to discuss and manage the issues that have been…show more content…
As this can be a problem when assign an unbalance work and responsibilities among member, managers consider carefully the matter. Depend on the members’ abilities and strengths, managers choose the suitable jobs to them in order to improve the work performance. If the assignment is wrong, it can lead to role conflict and cause stress on the team and bring down the productivity. Managers can make a team meeting to understand more about the members, read through their historical records and resumes. They define each person’s position clearly and what each of them has to do to accomplish the work. The members will know their responsibilities and follow the induction to do their jobs. Moreover, managers sometime have to check whether any members doing more than what expected to do, try to balance out the works for each individual. It is stressful and exhausted for individuals to do more works than others members. That can cause those members to have health problems or resign if they cannot meet the
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