Characteristics Of Ukrainian Folk Literature

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One of the most fundamental developments in this century in both the popular and intellectual understanding of culture has been the wide growth of awareness that only a little percentage of man's total creativity has depended on literacy. Writing is at most a comparatively recent awkward innovation, and while it is useful for keeping records of all sorts, it is a futile means of cultural communication, even with the help of printing. In spite of their mechanical awkwardness and inadequacy, writing and printing are indisputably two great tools of civilization. But they are not basic assets of human nature. The more primary and most distinguishing cultural property of men everywhere remains their instinctive power of speech. Spoken words are…show more content…
Ukrainian folk oral literature has its unique artistic qualities, its unique poetic devices—metaphors, similes, epithets, and symbolism. The poetic folk literature consists generally of folk songs, which are subdivided into various forms: ritual songs -songs related with spring rituals, with vesnianky-hahilky, carols, shchedrivky, Kupalo festival songs, harvest songs, wedding songs and funeral songs-, historical songs and Dumas, lyrical songs and dance songs. Folk prose can be divided into fables, fairy tales, stories, legends, anecdotes, and so on. Poetic-prose folk literature is related to spells, proverbs, sayings, and riddles. In the nineteenth century, the mechanism of folk oral literature was held to be the products of a collective popular mind. Contemporary folklorists support the hypothesis that individuals are the creators of the oral tradition. However, in the basic examples of ancient folk oral literature, the words are connected with ritual actions and the oral text and ritual events always have a realistic, vital purpose. This delimits the creative desire of the performer. The fundamental changes that occur in the works of the oral practice are caused by their dissociation from the original ritual contexts in which they arose. The orally conveyed

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