Characteristics Of The Vietnam War

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Have you ever wondered what events, conditions, and leadership decisions caused America to be unsuccessful in the Vietnam War? The way that the war was fought favored the Northern Vietnamese and was a big factor in giving the Viet Cong an edge over the Americans. The tactics that the Northern Vietnamese used, the number of soldiers that the United States sent over plus the conditions they were put into, and the changing of US Presidents part way through the war all play vital roles in making Vietnam unachievable. The Northern Vietnamese Army, NVA, used many war tactics that helped them with the war but the most notable was the use of guerrilla warfare. “By 1961, guerrilla warfare was widespread in South Vietnam” (Anderson). This made…show more content…
The goal of the air bombings were to weaken the Northern Vietnamese infrastructure. Bombs were dropped on military bases, supply depots, and infiltration routes (Anderson). Each year after the start of ROLLING THUNDER, the number of bombs dropped each year until 1967 when the number of bombs dropped was close to a quarter of a million (Anderson). Since, the bombings were bad enough that it forced the NVA to rethink there strategy for fighting the war (Bringham). This was seen by a sneak attack that caught all of America off…show more content…
America first sent troops to Vietnam when President Kennedy was still in office to train the Southern Vietnamese soldiers war tactics to help them fight against the Northern Vietnamese soldiers. “Kennedy’s decision to sen over 2,000 military advisers to South Vietnam in 1961 marked the beginning of twelve years of American military combat,” (Anderson). That number would slowly grow over the next year and a half would slowly increase. By the end of 1962 Kennedy had ordered more supplies and equipment to aid the Southern Vietnamese along with a total of 9,000 military advisers (Anderson). To better advise the soldiers in Vietnam President Johnson made General William C. Westmoreland commander, who immediately asked for more troops and at the end of 1964 there were more than 23,000 United States personnel in country (Anderson). The number of soldiers that were sent over to Vietnam increased each year and at the end of 1966 there were over 385,000 troops (Anderson). At the end of the war the total number of troops that served during the Vietnam war was over eight million with over three million of those being shipped to Southeast Asia (“America’s War”). Conditions in Vietnam were anything but perfect. The weather there was like nothing they had ever experienced before. The soldiers would be forced to deal with extreme heat and humidity, as well as having

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