Characteristics Of The Vampire In Dracula

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“A collection of fictional stories … of cultural myths and songs” this is the definition of folklore, and from these stories we get a multitude of myths and speculation of what happens to us when we die. They range from just disappearing into nothingness to becoming a higher being or going into a higher plain of existence. There are ideas however, of a life on this earth after we die for those who have committed crimes or have not been buried properly, we become the other, the supernatural or ultimately the undead. The most common of the undead is the vampire. One of the most known vampires from literature is Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1897) who is portrayed as a blood thirty, emotionless monster, which is the idea most often portrayed in folklore.…show more content…
The vampire seen in ‘Dracula’ is much closer to the original European folklore vampire of a blood drinking, coffin dwelling creature , the description of “demoniac furry” shows the origins of vampires and the creatures of darkness aspect. This description contrasts the description of Lestat in ‘Interview with the Vampire’, “radiant”, radiant is more associated with goodness and God rather than Hell and demons as “demonic” implies. The new vampire of Interview with the Vampire is seen in other modern texts, such as in Twilight, although many of the traits are exaggerated, they don’t drink human blood and live together as a family . In Dracula, Jonathan stays at someone’s house and in the morning, they say “Denn die Todten reiten Schnell. (For the dead travel fast.)” They are warning him of the dangers that he will face as he is in Transylvania, the home of the Romanian vampire. There are different ideas about how they are created and how they live their undead lives. They range of the beautiful creatures who seduce their victims to zombie looking beings who attack. The main difference when looking at the folklore in literature is considering when the book was written and where, so you can understand and see the central context it was written in. The Asian and the European vampire are…show more content…
The Gothic style is based on the idea of power, it can quite often also be explicit due to the idea of sexual power . The power in Dracula is shown when Jonathan’s “eyes would not open” due to the presence of the female vampires, they had so much power that they cause his eyes not to open. The gothic style is shown in Dracula with the “dark castle” castles are a common motif in gothic literature as they allow the reader’s imagination to run wild, they also create an in allusion of mystery and a sense of the unknown. Stoker also talks about the “frowning walls” this use of personification makes the walls seem more alive and more human, unlike the monster that lives inside. Likewise, in Interview with the Vampire, there is a section of the book where the vampires go to Europe, and one of the first things Louis comments on is that “the Mediterranean was black,” he was expecting blue and colour but is met with black, this shows that even the water is a part of the gothic narrative, however this chapter does take place at night so that could be the
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