Characteristics Of The Revolutionary Period

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Revolutionary Period Essay

The United States of America has long been defined by the values of its citizens and government. Such beliefs have undergone major changes, especially when they first began to form. During the Revolutionary time period, the colonists prized very basic concepts. As the colonies began to recognize England as a threat to their freedom, people all agreed that change was necessary. As tension arose between the two parties, colonists began to change their outlook on what freedoms they should have. This resulted in famous documents like the Declaration of Independence. This document reflects the newly cultivated “American Dream” through its calls for individual rights and self-acclaimed success. During the Revolutionary movement, the American Dream emerged as upward mobility through logic, hard work, creativity, and curiosity; these concepts were illustrated in the Rationalist Movement and literature.
The traits and dreams of people in the Revolutionary Period were reflected in the lives of influential leaders such as Benjamin Franklin. At this time in history, the American Dream was certainly beginning to be well known. The dream of freedom and the pursuit of happiness were some of the basic traits in this American Dream. As people were striving for newfound freedom and happiness, they were driven by the prominent leaders of the time period, an example being Benjamin Franklin. Franklin had a very unique dream and it inspired many people. In his autobiography he states, “…I conceived the bold and arduous project of arriving at moral perfection…I concluded, at length, that the mere speculative conviction that it was our interest to be completely virtuous…” (p. 71 Lit. Book). He was determined to arrive at mor...

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...can Americans in this time period redefined the limits of freedom by stretching its boundaries to more categories of the American population.
The American Revolutionary Period was a time of extreme progress. During this time period the Rationalist movement erupted, sparking American interest in intelligence, exploration, and creativity. These kinds of advancements in society were only made possible by the Declaration of Independence. Without the freedom produced by the Declaration, the American Dream of upward mobility would not be possible. This dream of upward mobility was exemplified in the lives of both ordinary people and influential leaders of the time like Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine. Knowledge, freedom, and innovation propelled the nation to cultivate the American Dream and maintain its allure in the hearts of the citizens forever.

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