Characteristics Of The Empathetic Range

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The egoistic, self-interested range indicates behavior dominated by our self-preservation circuitry. Behavior in this range is self-centered or self-interested. As the two behavioral programs are inter-locked in an inseparable unity, Empathy is present here at a lesser degree. Ego behavior may tend to be dominating, power-seeking, or attacking when Empathy is less, but it will become softened and more moderately with the increasing of Empathy -- it may be described as controlling, competitive, or assertive.

The characteristic of this range is defined as self-over-others. People tend to act to put themselves, their own priorities, objectives and feelings ahead of others. The Empathetic Range

Accordingly, the empathetic range represents behaviors weighted in favor of Empathy. Empathetic behavior may tend to extremes of self-sacrifice and submission when Ego is little. With the increasing of Ego, empathetic behaviors tend to be moderated as supportive, responsive, or any “others first” behaviors. As the influence of Ego is gradually added, empathetic behavior will approach ...
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