Characteristics Of The Barman In A Clean, Well-Lighted Place

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“A Clean, Well-Lighted Place” takes place in a café, revealing a simple conversation between a young and an older waiter regarding a regular old client. We learn the characteristics of those waiters through their conversations. One is young, energetic, confident, and very reluctant. While in comparison the other is an old, but wise, experienced, and sympathetic barman. As the story progresses, it reveals the message it is trying to get across its reader. The story is conveying how an old person differs as they age compared to a young person, through the different characters. As well as how a certain place is viewed by a certain person and has a different meaning to them.
Throughout different stages of our lives, we greatly change as a person.
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In this darkness, they effortlessly worked to escape the feeling of loneliness, because during the darkness of the night, those old men are vulnerable to negative thoughts, such as taking their own lives. The story demonstrates the older barman is calm and willing. The old barman is willing to stay with a random stranger all night and not leave them alone. He also demonstrates experiences through his sympathy for the old client. He passed certain stages in his life, so he understands how the old client feels or would have felt drinking by themselves in the lonely night. In addition the older character also shows that as we get older, our lives and things that seemed important at one point, becomes meaningless, insignificant, or hollow as we age. As we get older, we experience lots of things throughout the passing days; unlike the young barman, going back home did not excite the older characters. They had no one important to go back to do, nothing meaningful or interesting to do. Their life experiences made, what would seem interesting to a young person (hanging out with girlfriend, watching T.V., bar) mundane. Therefore showing the way how those old men feels and views
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