Characteristics Of Situational Leadership

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An explanation of why leadership is a fundamental part of organizational behavior and the leadership theory I align with. Identifying the main characteristics of this theory and why they are effective within the organization. Through the utilization of situational leadership a broad spectrum of an organizations issues can be addressed to ensure goals and visions are reached. First is the explanation of why leadership is a fundamental part of organizational behavior.
Situational Leadership
An organization is a group of people with a common goal and to best achieve that goal is an effective leader. Having the right leader equipped with the appropriate style can transform the organizations vision into reality. The right leader
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This type of leader is not limited to a single style of leadership and can use several styles. Some of these styles are transactional leadership, transformational leadership, authoritarian leadership and democratic leadership. Transactional leadership basically details the employee’s role and task requirements while also providing followers with positive or negative rewards. (Kinicki & Kreitner, 2015, p. 480) Transformational leadership seeks to develop leadership in others and can significantly facilitate change within an organization. (Kinicki & Kreitner, 2015, p. 480) Authoritarian leadership is where the leader dictates instruction while making the decisions. (Certo, 2010, p. 203) Democratic leadership allow the employees to participate in the decision making. (Certo, 2010, p. 203) An example of this type of leader would be Dwight D. Eisenhower who once said "The essence of leadership is to get others to do something because they think you want it done and because they know it is worth while doing -- that is what we are talking about." (Eisenhower, 1956) A leader must know that the one shoe fits all method does not apply. An example of this was when Jack Griffin was fired by Time Warner for using the one size fits all method. (Kinicki & Kreitner, 2015, p. 98) Next will be an explanation of why this form of leadership is…show more content…
Telling enables the leader to specifically instruct employees on what to do. This can be best used in Law Enforcement, Military and Assembly lines because it provides the means to manage a diverse group. (May, n.d.) Selling allows for two way communication and allows the leader to get the message across to the subordinates. The message then provides buy in or allows the employees to get on board. In participating the leader can share decision making responsibilities. Best used in corporate setting where the leader attempts to influence the board of directors in implementing a new policy. (May, n.d.) Last is delegating where the leader can assign task to subordinates then focus on another task or work on the recognition of the employees. (May, n.d.) I relate to the saying that a good leader takes risk by delegating to an experienced subordinate in order to strengthen his leadership abilities. (Roberts, 1985, p. 105) These particular characteristics have been instilled in me from one leadership course of another within the military. Its use is best because in this type of organization everyone is expected to lead at some point to some extent in their career. Leaders mentor their subordinates knowing that at some point in the future they will be called upon to step up and lead. Some military units have high attrition rates and budget cuts often or not target senior personnel