Characteristics Of Schema Theory And Transactional Theory Of Reading

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Each student in a classroom can and very well may have different characteristics, so all students characteristics are different in some way. Some students’ may have characteristics that help them as readers in a classroom and some may have characteristics that hinder them as readers in a classroom. It is vitally important for a teacher to learn the characteristics of each student in order to present reading as something important for all the students in their class. There are two theories that I want to discuss, they are Schema Theory and Transactional Theory of Reading. Schema is the information that a student walks into the classroom with. This is the background knowledge the student has on the subject that is being taught in the classroom before they even walk in. Therefore, all students have schema and it is useful to the students’ learning. According to An (2013) “The fundamental tenet of schema theory assumes that written text does not carry meaning by itself. Rather, a text only provides…show more content…
Teachers are able to see what the students know prior to teaching anything. Gaining insight of the background knowledge of the individual student allows the teacher to see the knowledge each student has. The teacher first decides which topic they will present to the class. The teacher will then create a KWL chart, each student will receive a chart as well as the teacher will have one on the board. Next the teacher will ask the students to think about the words associated with the topic, and record in the K column. The teacher then asks the students to think about what they want to learn about the topic and record their thoughts in the W column. The L column is used for during or after reading. The teacher lets the students fill out the L column and they discuss the information in the L column as a whole class

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