Characteristics Of Regionalism In The Mountain By Robert Frost

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Thomas Bais
Ms. Healy
English CP 11
12 April 2014
Literary Movement Explanatory Essay defines the literary movement called Regionalism, as “the theory or practice of emphasizing the regional characteristics of locale or setting, as by stressing local speech.” The Regionalism movement was a time after the Civil War and the nineteenth century. It was a movement that emphasized the characters, dialect, customs, and landscape of a particular region. Writers during this period would stray away from normal settings and focus on distant lands that contained an exotic or interesting setting. The literary works of this time period were very descriptive and the writing greatly enhanced the surroundings of a certain region. The literary work entitled “The Mountain” by Robert Frost is an excellent example of a Regionalist piece of writing. It exemplifies the ideas of the description of setting and enhances the characters from this village setting. The Regionalism literary movement emphasized that every region had something special inside it that was worth writing about. No matter...

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