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Do the racial differences between Othello and Desdemona foreshadow the deaths to come in the play?

Amra Becirovic

English 201
Professor: Caroline Kelley
18 December 2013

Outline – Research Paper

Thesis: Othello's insecurity as a black man in a position of power in a primarily white society leads to his downfall.
I. Introduction: What is Racism?
a. Racism has been an ongoing issue for ages. Everyone struggles to be accepted for who and what they are. Racism isn’t only targeted towards love, but also other problems, such as getting jobs or being accepted by others. Racism is believing you are better than another human being because of their skin color.
b. In this play, Iago believes that the beautiful Desdemona, should not lower her standards and be with a black man because she is white.
c. In Othello, the theme of racism is seen through Brabantio’s disapproval of Desdemona and Othello’s marriage, racist comments by the characters, and Othello’s isolation from the others.
II. Is love worth the hatred and negativity of others around you?
a. I believe love is worth any battle you come across, no matter what the consequences are.
b. What is the point of living if you aren’t granted the freedom to live your life the way you choose to. If you abide by society’s perspective on who you should be with, then what’s the point of having your own mind?
III. How manipulation wins.
a. If Othello wasn’t blinded by Iago’s conniving ways, he could have still been alive and happy with Desdemona. Since Iago was racist, he plotted Othello’s downfall.
b. Othello put his trust in Iago because he believed Iago to be his right hand man. Unfortunately, Othello misplaced that trust by putting it into the hands of an unworthy man.
IV. Conclusion
a. As racism continues in societies around the world, readers see that William Shakespeare’s tragedy is still relevant work
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