Characteristics Of Organizational Leadership

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Organizational leadership is the balance between what is optimal for the group, as well as, independent individuals ("Key Components of Organizational Leadership," 2015). From a personal viewpoint, it could be described as method in which manager’s foster people, no matter their title, to be a leader. This is because organizational leadership is both an art and science that unites both employees and organizations ("What is Organizational Leadership?," 2014) But who becomes defined as a leader? The following essay will discuss the 3 general factors that define a leader, which include the characteristics of the leader, the behavior or style of the leader, and the characteristics of the followers/situation.
First, the features of the leader
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The 5 characteristics include surgency, consciences, emotional stability, cooperativeness, and intellect. Though a person possess one of these elements, it will not guarantee success as there must be a fit between the personally and the situation. On if a person realized all of them will success be possibly guaranteed.

Identify the type of leadership style that you are most personally comfortable with along with the name of a leader that typifies this style. How would the leadership style you most closely respond to affect organizational behavior in a large food manufacturing company like Nabisco with hundreds of employees?
Leaders are needed in allow organizations whether voluntary or for profit. These individuals help guide the organizations towards the firm’s objective by gathering and influencing people (Tolbert & Hall, 2009, p. 91). But, not one method is superior of others, in fact, each situation calls for a different type of leadership style. The following essay will discuss my personal leadership style, a person that symbolize it, as well as, how my leadership style would affect a large company like
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