Characteristics Of Moving To Mexico

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Moving to a new country can be a challenge for many people. For me, moving to Mexico was a frightening experience, but it also brought many positive changes to my life. Primarily, after one year of living in Mexico, I transitioned from being shy, to having a more confident personality. First of all, I became a shy person after I was bullied in sixth grade. After being bullied, I was always afraid of what people thought of me. Consequently, this fear turned me into a very quiet person. This was because I figured out that if I did not talk, people would not notice me, and the possibilities of being made fun of would decrease. Being a quiet person then made people think that I did not talk to them because I thought I was better than them. After…show more content…
I did not ask questions because I was afraid that people would get annoyed or ridicule me for asking something that they thought was obvious. This began to limit my learning experience because I would not ask my teachers for missing information, which, in return, made it hard to understand the information that was covered. As a result, I began to lose all interest in learning. Furthermore, my lack of interest made me become a complacent person. In other words, I began to conform myself with below-average accomplishments. At this point, being complacent caused me to lose all ambition. To make things worse, my loss of ambition made me think that I would never be able to succeed in anything. Altogether, this chain of events made me develop a low self-esteem. As time passed, I went through seventh grade with the same mentality. However, the summer after my seventh grade school year, my personality began to go through a slow transition. During that summer, I traveled to Mexico with my family, and weeks before the new school year was about to begin, we decided to spend a year living in…show more content…
The fact that I was able to speak my first language was helpful because I was able to speak to students and teachers with more ease. This event helped me lose the fear of being made fun of because I was now able to express my thoughts in a better way. Another helpful reason was that this school was very small compared to the Junior High School that I had attended the year before. The small size of the school was important because this meant that there were very few students, and therefore, a greater chance of getting to know all of them. In addition, a few of my cousins attended the same school, so I was able to make new friends very easily. After a few weeks, I knew almost everyone at the school, so I began to talk more because I felt more comfortable talking to people who I already knew. Because I began to feel more comfortable with talking, I was now able to ask my teachers more questions about topics that I did not understand. As time passed, I became more engaged in learning, which made me want higher grades in all my
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