Characteristics Of Learning Vocabulary

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1. Rationale
English has been considered as an essential language to be learnt in order to meet the communication needs in this globalization era. Taking into account the benefits of English, Vietnam has organized English to be taught in formal school as a compulsory subject. The teaching of foreign language, specifically English, is aimed to develop students’ ability to communicate with world society. Accordingly, there has been great concern about the teaching and learning English. The teaching includes the teaching of the four skills, listening, speaking, reading, and writing and grammar. However vocabulary is one of crucial aspects to support those skills. Richards and Renandya (2002) state that vocabulary is an important component of
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Learning vocabulary is essential since it is requirement for the learners in order to able to speak, write, and listen well. In learning vocabulary we have to know the meaning of it and can use it in sentence context. Young learners have to be initially introduced basic vocabulary. They have to know the meaning of words, understanding the meaning and pronouncing the word correctly. Learning English vocabulary for the young learners should be made fun. It means that the students should be made to feel relaxed and enjoyable during the learning process. According to Suhartatik (2008), English Young Learners are around 6 until 12 years old. She explains that characteristics of young learners are: (1) moody, (2) have short attention span, (3) highly motivated on things they like, (4) big curiosity, (5) like talking and concrete things, and (6) like physical activities. From above personality, we can see that at these ages, they are naturally curious and enthusiastic to discover the world around them. They like to be active and have a lot of energy which make preschool perfect time to benefit from physical activities to teach a language. However, as mentioned above the students have difficulties in vocabulary learning especially in pronouncing the words and understanding the meaning and also practicing using the words. Based on the explanation above, learning vocabulary is important, because vocabulary is a…show more content…
One version of this is used as the pre-test of the target structure. A second version of the same test is used as the post test. This is done to compare the students' performance in both TPRS and Role Play before and after instruction.
Research Procedure
The present study is a pre-test, treatment, post-test type of research. That is to say, the two groups (A and B) of participants are given a standard test on speaking (understanding the meaning of words, pronouncing the words correctly and practicing using the words). They were taught in a six session duration of time. Each session lasted about 90 minutes. For group A, teacher will teach vocabulary by using TPRS method and group B applying Role Play. After the treatment, the participants were given a post-test.
3. Significance of the study TPR - Storytelling and Role Play have a crucial play in contributing to effective language learning for young learners. As proved by a great number of studies, it is essential to help young improve English vocabulary. It hoped that through this study It is hoped that this study may help teachers become more aware of the role of TPR- Storytelling and Role Play in teaching English vocabulary for young learners in order to regulate their teaching methods and efforts with the purpose of improving students’ learning performance.
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