Characteristics Of Heroism

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A typical hero can be defined as someone who stands up for what is right and is courageous enough to sacrifice themselves for others. A person does not need superpowers to be a hero, but it is their possession of certain characteristics that makes them heroic. Heroes come in many forms and there are many different characteristics to a hero that make them stick out like a thorn. It is these very characteristics that contributes to the hero facing challenges alone, as it is only they who possess them, and the heroes having that ability to do so. In many heroic folktales the author selects a character to be the one who saves the day, and it is this character who is instilled with hero characteristics that single them out from the rest of the characters. Heroes, such as those in “Flying Head” and “Li Chi Slays the Serpent”, often can stand alone due to their characteristics of defiance, selflessness, and courage that make them stand out. The characteristics observed in heroes are what shapes them to be heroes. These characteristics put heroes into isolated situations, but the same characteristics are what allow heroes to thrive in these positions. Defiance allows for the hero to establish their solidarity, as they think differently than the rest of the society and are immediately left alone. Their defiant characteristic allows them to be independent and this helps them overcome being alone. Selflessness is a rare characteristic to see and typically the hero possesses this characteristic, as it makes them stand out more and allows for them to be able to stand out for a good cause. Lastly, courage is the most popular trait seen in heroes and it is courage that the heroes have that others do not and is key in the hero pushing forward t... ... middle of paper ... ...pick out the hero of the tale. It is as if a spotlight has been put upon them and everyone else is in the dark because it is the hero who possesses the ability to fight alone. These heroes, who stand alone, are the ones who refuse to go with the flow and choose to swim upstream, no matter the backlash of the commoners. With the characteristic of defiance comes independence and explains why heroes not only stand alone, but why they can handle standing alone. The ability to dare to defy shows the strength of independence and it is independent thought that allows for the hero to be able to face the challenge alone. While the trait of defiance is an important part to a hero ending up standing alone and why they can accomplish the feat, it is their trait of selflessness that goes above and beyond separating them from the normal population and proving their individuality.

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