Characteristics Of Hamadryas Baboon

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The hamadryas baboon is a non-human primate baboon that comes from the Old World monkey family. Scientifically known as Papio hamadryas, these little primates are interesting for the way they adapt and survive. They have specific ways in which they reproduce, socialize, and live. Some traits the hamadryas baboon exhibits are similar to human living traits. The commonalities between the non-human hamadryas baboon primate and the human primate are why I choose to write about this extraordinary species. While these non-human primates are comparative to human primates, their appearance show otherwise. They have very distinct facial features and tiny bodies that allow them to swing and move unlike any other species. Just liked all other baboons, hamadryas baboons are sexually dimorphic. They have big fluffy bodies with males growing to about 44-66 pounds in weight and may have a body measurement of 31 inches at full growth. Female hamadryas baboons, on the other hand, are significantly smaller with their weight at full growth…show more content…
Male rivals can execute a violent “takeover,” by taking females from different harems and mating with them. The less a female cares for her harem’s males, the higher of a chance she will be taken by rivals. Studies show female hamadryas baboons maintain close kinship with other females even if there are in different harems. They still associate with their outside family and do not display any kind of dominance in relationships due to the strong males. The males, due to their strong position, suppress any aggression females might have, however, there can be social differences within female hamadryas. Some females maintain an active relationship and stay close to their harem male rather than the other females. This is characterized as a “central female.” A female who spends most of her time away from her harem male is called a “peripheral

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