Characteristics Of Greek And Roman Mythology

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Greek and Roman mythology is well know. The people of that time period were passionate about the gods and did everything in their power to please them. Like most religions the goal is be like one of the gods in order to achieve good fortune or to gain everlasting life. One of the most interesting characteristics about the Greek and Roman Gods is how the gods are not perfect in that they make the same mistakes that the average human would make. These characteristics were put into place to allow ancient Greeks and Romans to effectively relate to the gods making them more believable. This is unlike other religions where the god(s) are shown as the all perfect character making no mistakes. These characteristics relate back to the family and are…show more content…
There was no one above them to punish them for these actions, or for that matter, there was no one to tell them what they were doing was even wrong. This gave the gods an entitlement to be able to do what they wanted even if happened to affect their family. Myths Encyclopedia declared “Their actions stemmed from recognizable passions, such as pride, jealousy, love and thirst for revenge. The deities often left Mount Olympus to become involved in the affairs of mortals, interacting with men and women patrons, enemies, and sometimes lovers. They were not above using tricks and disguises to influence events, and their schemes and plots often entangled people” (Greek Mythology). As shown throughout Greek and Roman mythology, immortal gods have very distorted family relationships in order to demonstrate their power or to stay in power. As mortals, in this ancient time period, they looked up to these gods and relied on them to set the standard as to how to treat their family members. The family relationships of the gods and mortals of ancient Greece were similar if not exactly the same making these unruly behaviors acceptable in society of ancient Greece and
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