Characteristics Of Global Leadership

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The need for global leadership expertise is on the rise as a result of the growing multiplicity of the labor force and increasing internationalization of the marketplace situation. Global leadership actions involve global business understanding, multi-cultural skills and abilities. The main idea of this study is to identify and analyze the characteristics, skills, and practices crucial to the success of global leaders in multicultural organizations.
Characteristics and practices essential to leading global and multicultural organizations
There are numerous characteristics that are essential for managers to build and sustain multicultural team. These include the skills of international business knowledge and culture specific knowledge. The understanding people have of a particular country’s beliefs, behaviors, principles, and customs is known as culture specific knowledge. Current global leaders must be familiar with the business environment in which they work. According to Mcshane & Von Gilnow (2007), this supports their instinct to pinpoint prospects and know the business ability to apprehend those prospects. The degree of a person’s capability in global business is the level of his or her global business understanding.
One significant practice that is required of global leaders in an international business setting is ethical behavior. Leaders are regarded as trustworthy, truthful, upright promise caretakers. Leadership practices must ensure they act with honor, honesty and trustworthiness. The main purpose of this behavior is that it ensures the reliability of the business. In a sustainable way, this enables businesses to cooperate with all stakeholders. The growth of business is dependable on how workers show positive taste for...

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...ate the spirit of offering support to all workers particularly in the period of organizational change. Teamwork, exchange of information, and innovative thoughts should be encouraged to support fresh, undeveloped and supportive business concepts that are needed for leadership success (Roy, 2012).
To conclude, international organizations ensure that their leaders have distinctive skills and practices if they are to succeed in an international environment. The ability to build, form and sustain multicultural teams is required of international leaders. These leaders must be ethical and cultivate sincerity in the international setting. In addition, these leaders must cultivate a business philosophy that is solid and must have an improved talent to manage conflicts. The philosophy must assist moral standards; help resolves conflict and must support innovation.
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