Characteristics Of Gillette Razors

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Simone de Beauvoir said one is not born a woman but rather becomes a woman. The society creates and form girls to be women. Beauty is the main attributes for women. In my paper I’m going to compared a simple object use everyday by men and woman, which is seen differently. I’m going to compare two different brands, Gillette and Venus( raisers’) Razors is an object that almost everyone use in they everyday life. Gillette is on the famous brand of razors for men, with a leading market share. To promote Gillette new product, in order to advertise their new product they decided to launch a new campaign called: “ Men into Gentleman”. It’s a gender object because The packaging of the product is blue and very simple. The blades of the razors is more sensitive since it’s for facial hair. And they are less blade then a normal razors. More men today like to keep their facial hair therefore Gillette explain with their campaign how their Gillette razors give the best result. The Gillette razors are synonym of clean cut. In order to advertise their new product Gillette targets is a younger and trendier audience. Gillette’s wants to give…show more content…
Society have an idea of men being gentleman, polite therefore they use that to sell their product. Moreover society sees woman as beauty. Therefore hairless. They use that idea to sell their product. The image society has on men and woman is use on certain aspect of selling razors. The idea that you need to use Gillette or Venus to become that gentleman or goddess. The product seller tells how gender role should act. Razors are an everyday life object that everybody needs to use everyday. Judith Butler wrote a book: “Gender Trouble” explaining how women’s and men are performing gender. Men are not born men and women are not born women it’s social construction. Based on our biological sex we learn how to express our gender

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