Characteristics Of Gilgamesh An Epic Hero

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Gilgamesh: The Epic Hero Unlike the heroes of Greek, Gilgamesh actual has existed. He is a mighty king who rules over the Sumerian city-state of Uruk around 2700 B.C. (Jager 1) The Epic of Gilgamesh tells a story of a rattled young king who travels to the end of the world in search of wisdom and immortality. While searching for wisdom, Gilgamesh realizes that he needs to accept human mortality and gain courage to lead a compassionate and fruitful life. (Jager 1) Gilgamesh is also a brave and adventurous character who exhibits unique characteristics. (Abusch 2)The elements of an Epic Hero Cycle reveals that Gilgamesh is an epic hero. The elements of an Epic Hero Cycle are elements consist of being a main hero who possess supernatural abilities,…show more content…
(Olivier 4) When the gods creates Gilgamesh, they give him a perfect body (Sandars 1). Shamash the glorious sun endowed him with beauty, Adad the god of the storm endowed him with courage, the great gods made his beauty perfect, surpassing all others, terrifying like a great wild bull (Sandars 3). Two thirds they made him god and one third man (Sandars 3). Enkidu also describes Gilgamesh as a “man like no other who comes down from the hills, who is the strongest in the world, he is like an immortal from heaven.” (Sandars 3) Gilgamesh face challenges since he is two thirds god and one third human. He struggles with supernatural abilities and qualities. Due to Gilgamesh being an epic hero, he is charged with a quest. (Olivier 4)He begins to seek immortality and eternal life for him and his best friend Enkidu. “In his bitterness he (Gilgamesh) cried, ‘How can I rest, how can I be at peace? Despair is in my heart. What my brother is now, I shall be when I am dead” (Sandars 97). Gilgamesh believes that the journey to the Cedar Forest is his fate and he will…show more content…
(Olivier 4) Gilgamesh encounters Humbaba, gods and goddesses, Utnapishtim, and the scorpions. While in the presence of Humbaba,Gilgamesh he enteres the Cedar Garden to battle. Gilgamesh and Enkindu conceitedly defeats their opponent. (Sandars) Gilgamesh also converses with Ishtar, the goddess of love and fertility. She becomes angrily upset with Gilgamesh after he offends her by dismissing her thoughts of marriage. While on his quest for immortality, Gilgamesh approaches two scorpions on guard. One scorpion then states, “Only a god would dare approach us,” “Two thirds god,” corrected the other. “One third man.” “Why have you traveled so far,” demanded the first scorpion. (Sandars) Gilgamesh informs the tarantulas that he is passionately in quest of Utapishtim. Once Gilgamesh finishes chitchatting with the scorpions, he soon discoveries Utapishtim. Utapishtim is a wise king that survives the legendary flood and is guaranteed to live forever at the mount of rivers. While chatting with Utapishtim, Gilgamesh questions how he was granted with immortality. Utapishtim then expresses his views and tell the story about the flood. Later in conversation, Utapishtim tells Gilgamesh that he must stay awake for seven days to become immortal (Sandars 30). He also tells him how to retrieve the herb. (Sandars
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