Characteristics Of FMCG Sector

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MICROECONOMICS REPORT ON FMCG SECTOR SUBMITTED TO: SUBMITTED BY: Dr.Vidhisha Vyas Kajol Choraria PGDM 2017-0390 INTRODUCTION: Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) or consumer packaged goods(CPG) are those products which are sold quickly and at a low price. Examples of FMCG are vegetables, fruits, meats, cold drinks, toiletries, and many consumable goods. The sale of these products is highly affected by holidays and seasons. FMCG is the 4th largest sector in the Indian economy with household and personal care accounting. The key growth drivers for this sector are easy access, changing lifestyles and awareness of products among…show more content…
Perfect Competition Market is a form of market with a large number of buyers and sellers of the commodity. They provide homogenous goods. The industry has characterized free entry and exit to the firms. These markets have a small share in market. Since the products are identical and there are large number of buyers and sellers so the company cannot take control over the price. Examples are: Hul, Parle, Itc, Britania, Amul, Nestle, and many more. Features of Perfect Competition Market: • Large number of sellers: There are large number of seller in the market to sell the products. The number is so large that if the customer is not satisfied with one seller then it can easily switch towards other company. • Large number of buyers: There are large number of buyers in the market to purchase the products. The companies have given them wide range of choosing the product. • Freedom to entry and exit: The industry has given full liberty to the companies to enter the market and increase their market share and if they are having loss and can’t sustain in the market then there is no barrier in exiting the market. • Homogenous product: The firms here are selling identical products in the…show more content…
23,000 cr 8. PIDILITE INDUSTRIES:  Headquarter: Mumbai  Total revenue: Rs. 3,400 cr 9. PATANJALI AYURVED:  Headquarter: Haridwar  Total revenue: Rs. 10,500 cr 10. HALDIRAM’S:  Headquarter: Nagpur  Total revenue: Rs. 4,000 cr (ibef, 2017) PESTEL ANALYSIS: A pestel analysis is used by the marketers to monitor macro environmental factors. POLITICAL: India is a vast country with lots of restrictions. As earlier when britishers came to India to do trade but then they ruled India for centuries. Slowly and gradually Indian government decided to liberalize the law and allow MNC’s to come and do trade with Indian market. By doing this India started developing its market globally. ECONOMIC: Economic growth is the most important factor in the growth of the product. As when the economy increases rapidly then the organization also grow rapidly. SOCIAL CULTURAL: Different rules and regulations are made to protect consumer rights. Through social cultural analysis people have also analyzed the change in their life styles.
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