Characteristics Of Exercise Addiction

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This paper explores exercise as an addiction. Although many scholars and clinicians tend to differ in their meanings with addiction, this paper examines the many characteristics exercise addiction shares with addictions associated with alcohol and drugs, as well as substance dependence. Exercise addiction shares the same characteristics with other addictions such as withdrawal symptoms, tolerance, control, and an escape. Just as substances can do, an unhealthy behavior like excessive exercising can begin to take over one’s life like any other addiction. It can lead to a point where the person understands there is a problem, but they cannot quit the behavior, which is common with addictions. The researched used in this paper explains that those…show more content…
Often when someone is addicted to drugs when they stop taking the drug they experience a certain set of symptoms because of the withdrawal. This also happens with exercise. “When unable to exercise, the individual experiences negative feelings, such as anxiety, restlessness, sleep issues, and/or irritability” (Van Pelt, 2016). Basically, when the person does not exercise they feel a sense of imbalance and are typically thrown off. The addict is not able to cease his or her excessive exercising habits, as it has become a part of their every day lives, which leads to very unhealthy lifestyle. They are often compelled to continue as they are addicted and cannot moderate their…show more content…
“Exercise has numerous health benefits and is generally viewed as a positive behavior, so patients and clinicians may overlook the dangers of excessive exercise and addiction” (Hausenblas, Schreiber, & Smoliga, 2017). We often shed a positive light on exercise as it usually a healthy behavior, however it is possible for people to take it out of hand and over exercise leading to addiction. Exercise addiction shares many common characteristics with other addictions. As the frequency and intensity continues this behavior becomes a main part of the person’s life. Soon after, the person’s life begins to revolve around exercise and addiction sets in. It is important for people to realize that dedication is not the same as addiction, and that although many scholars and clinicians do not always agree it is possible to be addicted to
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