Characteristics Of Effective Writing Instruction

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“Good writing is supposed to evoke sensation in the reader- not the fact that it is raining, but the feeling of being rained upon” (E.L. Doctorow. N.d). Not all children learn the same so in order to be effective with your writing instruction one must determine what they want the students to learn and be able to do as a results of the lesson. Once you can answer those questions you can determine what instruction you want to use, the realistic goals you want to set as well as how you plan to achieve those goals and how you are going to assess the work being done. The overall goal of a teacher is to help the students gain knowledge and reach their full potential in order to achieve that goal one must be willing to try different methods so…show more content…
Teachers should collaborate with students, creating apprenticeships for them through guided practice. Writing instruction should include explicit teaching in which teachers step in to model and prompt and then step back to encourage students to make decisions and solve problems while writing. Effective writing instruction should make elements of good writing and strategies of good writers visible for those having difficulties with writing. The characteristics of effective writing instruction should overlap with effective reading instruction; reading and writing share rhetorical and communicative functions, knowledge, and cognitive…show more content…
The strategy lessons should have these characteristics explicit instruction with the teacher explaining what it does and how it helps. Modeling with the teacher demonstrating the process as they write, revise, or edit a piece of writing. Collaboration with teachers using scaffolding through collaborative writing activities, the teacher working with the class as they compose pieces of writing, then the students work in small groups or with a partner and finally independently. The gradual release model of the I do, We do, You do as well as think-alouds by teaching students how to direct and monitor their thinking during writing. A final method would be teaching your students the writing strategies of elaborating, evaluating, formatting, generating, monitoring, narrowing, organizing, proofreading, questioning, rereading, and revising incase the writer encounters problems while
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