Characteristics Of Coca-Cola

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Most people deeply enjoy the experience of cracking open a fresh soda and sipping it down while its bubbly taste tickles the tongue as it goes down smooth. The drink has become a staple in American homes with its growing popularity over the last 50 years. It has become this way because of a refreshing new variety of taste that it was able to bring to the drink market. Certain characteristics are very necessary in a good soda and to find them all in one is often rare. These traits will help different brands of soda rise above the competition and stand out as a good soft drink. One such example of a good soda is Coca-Cola. It has become a classic choice for people all around the world through its defining crisp taste. Some of these important…show more content…
If a soda reaches a higher level of uniqueness it can receive more popularity from its consumers as they will need to return to that specific soda to experience that unique flavor as it cannot be found anywhere else. This makes it important that a good soda becomes unique, so the soda can keep the consumer coming back wanting more. Coca-Cola strives in that aspect with its one of a kind taste that inspired a huge following. Coca-Cola has a dark, and rich sugary taste with hints of spices that dance around in the back of the mouth of the consumer. These flavors all come together in Coke to create an experience that every consumer recognizes as unique as it overwhelms the senses in a manner that is blissful for anyone who takes a sip from it. The flavor of this soda is so unique that the formula has to be protected from those who would attempt to steal the flavor in hopes of making it their own. Another way that coke shows off its unique flavor is the company sells many other products based off the same taste as the soda. These other products do relatively well just because the use the flavoring of Coca-Cola and the fan base behind the soda loves that unique taste so much that they buy the products that are based around the same taste as Coke. The flavor of Coca-Cola is so unique that it inspires a level of addiction on its consumers because when they crave the…show more content…
Addiction causes a frenzy in the mind as it makes the addict want something more and more with every passing second. This level of addiction is not found in most soft drinks as it requires a very unique flavor and it also needs to make the consumer of the soda physically and psychologically addicted to the soda. Coca-Cola has the unique flavor on lock down; however, it the way it went about making people physically addicted to it has changed dramatically over the years. The original recipe for Coca-Cola used real cocaine to create a dependency on the soda! This hard drug is super addictive and very easily makes the body create a physical addiction to it. So when people drank the old Coca-Cola the thought they just really wanted a Coke for the taste, but in actuality their body craved the cocaine that was found in the soda. This addictive drug was later removed from the soft drink for obvious reasons, but that didn 't put a stop to the addictiveness of Coca-Cola. Coke had another addictive ingredient up its sleeve, and that ingredient is caffeine. Caffeine gives a shot of energy to the consumer and is very easy to get dependent on. So if the consumer who is now addicted to Coca-Cola tries to stop drinking the soda they will be forced to go through some very painful withdraw symptoms because of the caffeine dependency that they developed from drinking
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