Characteristics Of Being An Athlete

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When I worked at ToysRus before attending Jarvis Christian College, I felt the need to be a leader to my peers around me. I wanted to lead by example by showing up to work on time, showing encouragement, and always kept my composure when the store was in complete utterly chaos. I recall a time when there was a situation when all the supervisors had to leave the store and left me in charge of the whole store while only working there a little under a year. I made sure everyone one was in there assigned areas and also congratulated their progress while cleaning the store. When I think back and re-evaluate myself I noticed a certain trait that I had that most of my coworkers did not possess and that is being an athlete. Being an athlete isn’t…show more content…
Having a job where this is great communication and leadership makes everything easier when working. It brings structure to the workplace similar to any team sport that athletes play. When I used to work, I realized that being a team person and bringing encouragement to others around me helped my coworkers to relax more and not overthink certain situations. I realized that some people needed leadership to turn to when there was any situation and me being an athlete and also leader everyone came to me with concerns or simply telling me something that’s going on in their life. Athletes in the workplace is a great topic because success is important to everyone and if you have a team full of leaders that want to improve everything around them, then you can see companies strive for a better environment when working. I learned a lot this topic because a good majority of people believe that athletes can’t handle having a job and being able to lead team. I encourage everyone that hasn’t played on a team sport to go out and try a sport then go back to work and watch how your prospective of teamwork change. Athletes in the workplace is great for

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