Characteristics Of Architectural Design

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CS-7014 Week 5 - Assignment: Main Task: Explain Problematic Implementation
Architectural design refers to the mechanisms that are used to frame the structure of a computer-based system. Proper architectural designs enable a computer system to develop its compatibility feature. Compatibility in this sense refers to the manner in which the computer- based systems fulfill the needs of the users (Denford, O’Neill & Leaney, 2003). Transform characteristics can be considered as one of the methods to develop an efficient computer system (Losavio, Chirinos, Lévy & Ramdane-Cherif, 2003). Emphasizing the issue, the essay aimed at describing the architectural design of a computer-based system, which possesses distinct transform characteristics.
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Moreover, the transform characteristics of the architectural design are valid if these are simpler to understand. This is because a linear model is used that reflects about the generation of one command in the flow model after providing instructions in a sequential manner. With respect to the data flow diagram illustrated above, it can be determined that a maximum of two commands is generated within a computer-based system. For instance, the transform characteristics often produce two results, namely ‘produce valid results’ and ‘generate message of invalidity’ when the passwords inserted by the users do not match with those that are installed in a computer-based system (Pressman,…show more content…
For instance, the hackers can easily break the password, which has been provided in the system and start functioning without taking authorization of the respective users. These hackers can retrieve tacit and confidential information from a computer-based system, leading towards severe loss for the authorized users (James, n.d.).
Structuring Requirements
The structuring requirement of the software architecture is associated with determining the need of designing the transform characteristics. If the users use passwords to prevent leakage of vital data, then the transform process might become more complex. Moreover, another structuring requirement of the software architecture includes the support of competent software engineers who can effectively design the transform process as per the expectation level (Vie, n.d).
Architectural design is important to devise a proper computer-based system and allowing it to function properly. The data flow diagram designed for this essay eventually portrayed the ways through which architectural design can be used to design transform characteristics, safeguarding the computer system by incorporating and using relevant
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