Characteristics Of An Effective Worker

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Nowadays, successful work has several aspects.The perfect employee is a part of it and one of the pillars.There are certain universal qualities of a good employee. Employers across the globe are always in search of those employees who depict a majority of such universal qualities which not only bring success to the organization but are imperative for their personal development too. A successful organisation is the one that knows how to exploit the efficiency and effectiveness of their employees as well, which is developing an efficient incentive system can positively influence the performance of workers, which increases their loyalty to the organisation and help to survive and profit. This essay will explain what are the qualities of an effective…show more content…
Firstly, to become an effective worker one needs to have relevant skills for the job. For example, transferable skills like interpersonal skills, communication skills, computer literacy skills, and critical and creative thinking skills, all are essential to secure professional success. Another example of competence needed for productive workers is organizational skills, time management skills, health and lifestyle skills, financial management skills are some of the personal management skills which are essential to advance in the professional realm. Secondly, in today’s world of specialization, an individual must also have work-specific skills to become considered as an effective employee. For instance, work-specific skills are mandatory to have because before interview job applicant screening is done by the applicants’ job-specific.Hence, it can be seen that if an individual is striving to accomplish professional success, then she must have job-specific skills because such skills are the key to entrance into the job world. Finally, an effective worker is a person who has good habits. For example, he helps in determining the team player, helping others, honesty, ethical, politic and avoiding the gossip. In short, there are several qualities of an efficient employee who have critical skills and good habits for the work, such as transferable, personal management, work- specific skills and some of the good habits like helping others and avoiding

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