Characteristics Of An American

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What is an American? The American people are each unique human beings, not one is like the other. Americans can be defined as people of self-expression and diligence in the workforce because they have multiple freedoms, rights to be themselves, as well as gratitude towards the United States of America. Many Characteristics can be used to describe an American but self-expression and hard work are the most important ones. These characteristics are what helped the American society grow into the strong community it is today. To begin with, American’s are admired for their freedom. In America, people believe a person is born with rights and freedoms. People in America are free to be themselves as well as express themselves. To define an American as free includes their rights as a human. Franklin D Roosevelt gave a speech in 1941 about people’s freedoms. He states that everyone is entitled to all the freedoms as a human being. Roosevelt stated “The first is freedom of speech and expression” (44). This freedom is in correlation to an American right in Amendment I, freedom of speech. All of the freedoms Americans have contributed to who they really are. Freedoms of religion, speech, press and many more make each person unique. Nobody is telling an American they can not be, say or do anything. They are free people under law to live in a way that makes them happy. American’s use their self-expression through their rights in order to be free when it comes to speech and many other rights. Furthermore, because Americans have these freedoms they constantly show their gratitude towards their country for it. Many citizens feel as if they have so many reasons to be grateful and to stay loyal to America. For instance, John... ... middle of paper ... ...rica, like those Pilgrims who came in the Mayflower” (23). Anzia found that she had to work towards America so she could be in a career and a life she is happy with. This initial act of diligence among immigrants, has been passed down making it an important part to defining an American. Overall, the people of America have the privilege to express themselves through their rights or staying connected to their cultures. This also contributes to why they work so hard to be successful. A definition of an American from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary is “a person born, raised, or living in the U.S.” Unfortunately, they left out the most important part of the definition. The traits of strong, diligent, and most of all, free is left out of the definition. Self-expression and hard work were instilled in all Americans over time to make it a true definition of an American.
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