Characteristics Of A True Friend

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At times it can be hard for someone to find others with the characteristics of a true friend, but when found, completely worth the trouble. How does a person know when they have found a real friend? well, it requires sacrifice, patience, respect and sharing common interests. People tend to believe they have true friends, but when a complicated situation arises, their friendship is put to the test. Sometimes they are faced with the hard truth that their friend is not the best of friend they thought they were. During a life time, people make a lot of friends and also lose many. However, the true friends are the ones that stick around through the good and bad forever.

First learning whether the person has the right traits in having a healthy friendship is important in order to see if one has a good friend. The person should be kind, understanding and loving. Being great listeners and able to give helpful advice is a plus. Having optimistic and motivational vibes are always good to have in a friend. If they do not have any of these characteristics, it probably means the friendship will not be long lasting. Also a good friend should be someone who can comfort another when they are feeling down. The necessary traits are not the only things needed to know if the friendship is headed in the right direction.

Next is figuring out how they will react in serious situations, for example, when people are saying bad things behind their friend's back. Will the friend take control and stick up for person, or will they join in on the conversation by going alng with the others? If they are a true friend then of course they would stick up for them immediately. Or a different situation is if two people had plans to go on a trip for a specific weeken...

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...e not commonly present.

Finding real friends is like putting together a puzzle. The pieces are there, but knowing where they are or how they fit is not always obvious. I’ve learned to have a lot of respect towards the ones that mean the most to me. People are blessed to have a group of wonderful friends who care for them and face all the lacks and difficulties of life. Having just a single good friend helps someone overcome most of the problems in his or her life. Each person may not be fortunate to have even one good friend and that can really put a strain on someone's life. Obtaining a true friendship is tremendously needed to become positive in all the parts of life. I hope that everyone everywhere is around at least a couple of good friends during their lifetime. A friendship is something that is very personal and plays an important and unique role in my life.
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