Characteristics Of A Successful Entrepreneur

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According to Conrad Hilton, an American hotelier and owner of the Hilton hotels quoted that: "Achievement seems to be connected with action. Successful men and women keep moving. They make mistakes but they don’t quit", (Conrad, 2016). In order to be a successful entrepreneur, taking risks and being able to solve problems is vital. This essay will give a general idea of how to become a successful entrepreneur by comparing and contrasting my own characteristics to those found in entrepreneurs, and also with the advantage of taking a General Enterprise Tendency Test, I will be able to self-asses my enterprising potentials.

In my own dictionary, a successful entrepreneur is someone who is determined in partaking challenges and new ventures every
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Reading from an academic abstract, titled 'Entrepreneurship: owing your future ', dialogues about the tools and implements needed to become a successful entrepreneur. The book gives an introduction of entrepreneurship and defines it as: "Someone who creates and runs a business", (Mariotti, 2016, p5).
A first principal characteristic of a successful entrepreneur begins with a self-assessment, which comprise of evaluating your strengths and weaknesses. Associating to my individual characteristic, I lean towards the habit of always evaluating myself, this include an evaluation of my attitude, action and performance. Self-assessment is an important characteristic of becoming a successful entrepreneur because it helps you take full advantage of your strong points and develop on your weaker points. Secondly, being courageous means having the willingness to take risks. Once confidence is established, the next step for a successful entrepreneur is to develop a positive level of courage, as it is a great key to leadership. When it comes to trying new adventures, I am always able to engage myself
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According to my view, entrepreneurship has got more to do with a person 's personalities and qualities, than what you learn throughout your educational time. For example, looking at society 's history there has been few successful entrepreneurs, such as Steve Jobs, Alan Sugar and Bill Gates, who left school at very early age, but yet managed and worked hard on their own to become the great leaders and successful entrepreneurs that they have been. However, I believe that nobody is born entrepreneur, but rather, I have a belief that everybody is born with talents and capabilities to do great things or become someone great in the future. Steve Jobs was the co-founder of Apple Computer Inc., he left school at aged 16 because it was too expensive, but with his strong vision, creativity and his ingenuity ideas he became one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the technology history. Alan Sugar, on the other hand, was a business magnate and entrepreneur of great influence to the world. Alan Sugar also dropped out from school at 16 years and worked his way up in life. By spotting opportunities that came on his way, he was able to succeed in life by becoming founder of British electronics Amstrad, later became the chairman of Tottenham Hotspur and was also known as to be a media personality on the BBC reality show, known as ‘The Apprentice’. Bill Gate was
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