Characteristics Of A Registered Nurse

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I chose nursing as my career. I will study to be an RN or registered nurse. A registered nurse administers and organize a patient's care, educate about health conditions, and provide support and advice to patients they are caring for. I chose this career because I love helping people, and i've always wanted to work in the medical field. It is important to understand the education or training requirements, skills or talents needed, salary and benefits offered, and the duties for a particular career when making this decision. Depending on what you specialize in will depend where you work, RNs will work in hospitals, schools, nursing facilities, or you can serve as a nurse in the military. Work hours will of course vary depending on where you…show more content…
To be a good nurse you need to be optimistic because your patients can often be melancholy and sad, optimism can give a person hope during their healing process, patience because “It’s estimated that 60 percent of American patients don’t follow their doctor’s orders when taking prescription medications” (“6 Personality Traits of Successful Nurses.”) you have to help people to understand this is helping them, and empathy because you don’t want your patients to just be a list of symptoms you want to be able to connect with them to better understand and help the patient. Going along with personality traits there are certain character traits you want. Our first is good communication skills, you will be talking to people all day. You need to make sure the patient is completely understood by the doctor and there are no miscommunications explain completely don't be brusque. Secondly you need to be flexible, as a nurse you need to be ready to work at all times, you never know when there may be a situation with a patient or emergency. Lastly you need to be respectful, when working in the medical field you need to be aware of the confidentiality requirements. The patient always comes first, respect their
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