Characteristics Make Up A Family

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A family may seem simple, but there is no simple definition of family. In other words, a family is a group of individuals who share a legal or genetic bond. They live together with a special bond called love. Family stands on the responsibility, trust, sacrifice, love, and hope. Family structure helped one another carry their culture to the next generation. Family special role and an important role in every shape and form of family. what makes up a family as well as the different types that there are. To start what characteristics do you think make up a family? An important characteristic in any family is willing to go the extra mile for one another. In almost any family there comes a time where you have to help out
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Me and my siblings are from Kansas City Missouri . they been living Kansas City for about 18 years. We were born in kansas city mo . we lived there are whole life . my dad mom name elodia which also is my middle name . my other grandma is named debbie . my grandma elodia lives in California . my other grandma used live in California but she moved done here to be with us. my dad is 47 years old .my mother is 34 year old and then me im am 17 year old and then my brother martin is 16 years old and my brother michael is 13 years old and than moses is `10 years old and mathew is 8 years old and finally the two little babies marcos is 1 year old and then mia is 6 months. I don't know how old my grandmas are . Im am a jr that goes to northeast high school and martin is a fresh men . michael is middle schooler. Michael goes to rainbow center then finally moses and matthew goes to james elementary . My father is work hard for our family he at children mercy hospital and my mom dont work. Well me and martin does which we work at worlds of fun . None of my parents don't to go college.
If i go i would be the first one to go the college but i want to take one whole year off of school as soon i graduate high school. I heard if u go to college you would find a better job in the future. My grandmother Elodia want me to also go college. They all want me

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