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Sandra Bullock starred as Gwen Cummings, a woman who is always the life of the party. Gwen had an addiction to alcohol. Life began to be different when she was wasted at her sister wedding, fell onto the cake, stole the limo and ran it off the road into a house. Gwen got a DUI, and sentenced to 28 days in rehab. It took a week or so of getting used to rehab and working past withdrawal urges but Gwen learned to find happiness in other ways. 2. Identify all the characters in the film that use substances. Do any of them meet the criteria for substance abuse or substance dependence? If yes, then which one(s)? Which substance abuse or substance dependence symptoms did they exhibit? If they meet the level of abuse, then what consequence keeps reoccurring? If they meet criteria for dependence, then which of the 7 symptoms do they have? You will be deducted 5 points if you do not answer this question thoroughly. Characters that use: Gwen, Andrea, Jasper (There are other people in the movie that are in rehab so apparently, they use drugs/alcohol, but these three are the ones that are shown in more detail abusing. • Gwen Cummings: (Main Character) Substance Dependence; Gwen exhibits tolerance to alcohol, withdrawal symptoms, blackouts, vomiting, most of the activities she was doing in the movie she was drunk, started her morning with a beer, She is estranged from her sister, more so after the incidents at her wedding. In the beginning, she only associates with people who are partiers. Consequences include: Causing a public spectacle at her sister’s wedding, falling in the cake (outrageous behavior) Legal issues Drinking with friends with little memory of behavior because of blackouts, Separation from sister and... ... middle of paper ... ... desperate need to turn her life in the right direction. 12. How could you have gone about helping them if you were working in your current career goal? Inpatient treatment like what was shown in the movie, attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings after she was released from rehab, and follow-up sessions with a counselor or support group as she tries to make new sober friends and rebuild her life and her relationship with her sister. 13. Who would have been the most difficult to help? Why? Getting Gwen to ask for help when she needed it would be a process. Gwen was stubborn and sarcastic and did not like asking anyone for help. In addition, if she did not go to rehab and be clean, it would be difficult to get her away from negative influences like Jasper. She had to be clean and sober in order to see what was going on in her relationship with him.

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