Character Analysis of Romeo in William Shakespeare´s Romeo and Juliet

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Romeo, at the beginning of the play, is a love-struck, immature, and impulsive young man. In the beginning of the play, Romeo believes that he has found the person and place “where I am in love” speaking of Rosaline, a girl who he barely knows (I.i). Romeo is love-struck and impulsive, saying that about Rosaline after just meeting her. Romeo doesn’t know what real love is, he is just an immature young man who doesn’t see reality as it is. Towards the end of the scene, Romeo sees a new girl named Juliet and questions if his “heart {has} loved till now” (I.v). Romeo forgets and moves on from girls he “loved” very quickly making him immature and an impulsive lover. He “loves” the prettiest girl he see without even meeting her. Overall, Romeo says and does actions without thinking and moves on very quickly. Throughout the play Tybalt and Benvolio develop drastic differences such as Benvolio is the peacemaker and Tybalt stirs up fights, these actions make the characters character foils. At a conformation in town Tybalt tries to taunt Benvolio and the other Montages to fight, although Benvolio speaks the words of wisdom “I do but keep the peace” (I.i). This shows Benvolio is in control of his actions while Tybalt is aggressive and impulsive. This is because Benvolio wants peace not drama or fighting like Tybalt who is out for blood. After the denial of the fight for Benvolio Tybalt expresses the “talk of peace! I hate the word, as I hate hell,” (I.i). This shows Tybalt doesn’t like peace he would rather have chaos, battling, and death unlike Benvolio who only wants peace. This is because Benvolio and Tybalt are from naturally feuding families making anything one says being the totally opposite of what the other family will do. Ove... ... middle of paper ... ...ecause Lady Capulet abandoned her and had the nurse watch her and as she said “wast the prettiest babe e’er I nursed” (I.iii). Juliet was lonely and only had the nurse so when Romeo filled that loneliness she was happy, but when he left she was heartbroken. She really never had anyone in her life and she became desperate when Romeo left, which lead to fake her death to be with Romeo. Lady Capulet also tries force Juliet to marry Paris although Juliet would “Rather {Romeo} than Paris,” (III.v). This shows Lady Capulet really doesn't care about Juliets feeling which is another cause for Juliet’s attempt to get Romeo. The pressure from Lady Capulet to marry Paris makes her desperate to escape from Verona with Romeo and not marry Paris. Overall, the pressure of marrying anyone other than Romeo got to Juliet made her pull the stunt which lead to both of their deaths.
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