Character Analysis of Brutus

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The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, was a famous play written by William Shakespeare in 1599, and discusses the events before and after the assassination of Julius Caesar. Marcus Brutus, a key character who is highlighted throughout the play, is first introduced to us as a friend of Julius Caesar and Cassius. Brutus seems very shy, introverted, yet very intelligent and always thinking. As the play progresses, Brutus’s character develops as we learn that he is very noble, intelligent, and loyal. Brutus is a man of great integrity, with many hidden sides to him. He may seem like a simple senator in the Roman Republic, but he is more than that. He is an important husband, powerful military leader, and caring friend. Brutus is extremely noble, patriotic and trustworthy, but, has a huge flaw when it comes to judgment. Brutus comes from a significant family in the history of the Roman Republic. One of Brutus’s ancestors were the founders of the Roman Republic. This noble man drove the last of the ancient kings from Rome. Cassius uses this to manipulate Brutus when he reminds him, “O, you and I have heard our fathers say There was a Brutus once that would have brooked The evil devil to keep his state in Rome As easily as a king.” (Act I, Scene II, Lines 158-161). This royal lineage influences Brutus greatly throughout the whole play. After being reminded of his family lineage, he feels like he needs to live up to this, and follow in his ancestor’s footsteps. Brutus slowly begins to adopt this noble and aristocratic characteristics. Cassius continues to influence Brutus’s decision into conspiring against Julius Caesar with the continual reminders of Brutus’s royal lineage, such as when he says, “Age, thou are shamed! Rome, thou hast lost the ... ... middle of paper ... ...otivated to participate in the assassination of Julius Caesar. After the assassination, we also see that Brutus is very honorable and noble. His actions were based on careful thoughts and reason. He informs all the people of Rome what his true intentions of killing Caesar were. He didn’t kill Caesar out of jealousy, but out of patriotism and the protection of the Roman Republic. Brutus is the most patriotic character in The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, caring for all of his fellow citizens of Rome. He is extremely loyal and trustworthy to his friends, and acts out of honesty. However, we begin to see how his trust and honesty is taking advantage of. His poor judgment and ease of manipulation is what leads to his tragic death. Brutus is one of the most highlighted characters of The Tragedy of Julius Caesar because of his variety of traits that influence the whole play.
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