Character Analysis: The Role Of Lawyers In Suits

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A common theme in the show involves portraying lawyers as individuals who abuse their authority in order to further their own interests. This theme emphasizes the role of the lawyer as someone above ‘normal’ or ordinary people. As the quote in the title suggests, the lawyers in Suits are depicted as a different kind of people who are entitled to act in certain ways. For example, in the first few episodes I analyzed (from seasons one and two) the main character, Mike Ross, was initially taken advantage of by the other lawyers. While watching the later episodes (season 3-5), I can clearly see the progression of Mike as he changes from a relatively ‘normal’ person to a lawyer that takes an active role in abusing his position at the firm. This…show more content…
As such, it is possible that the portrayal of the main character in the show as a fake lawyer, may prompt other individuals in society to believe that it is perfectly reasonable to pretend to be someone they are not qualified to be (Morris, 2013, p.613). In another episode, Mike Ross and his prospective client, Tom Keller, talk about his decision in choosing Louis Litt as his lawyer and the following discussion ensues: The fact that characters in Suits have explicitly stated that being nice is not a sufficient quality in lawyers and that deviousness is a more beneficial trait sends a strong message to the public regarding the ‘best’ kind of lawyer (Korsh, 30 June, 2011). This point is crucial in that it may change the viewer’s perception of what a good lawyer is and possibly lead them askew if they look for the qualities mentioned in Suits when choosing lawyers for their own personal issues. “The way I see it, its justice”: Lawyers portrayed as being above the…show more content…
It is ironic that the same individuals who are the representations of our justice system and are supposed endorse the rule of law, are depicted in Suits as individuals who allow personal feelings and beliefs to trump legally recognized laws (Bainbridge, 2006, p. 162). Throughout the episodes I analyzed, the truth is portrayed as a malleable concept and the lawyers present facts in only the light most beneficial to their case (Korsh, 03 May, 2014). Essentially, the lawyers are shown willing to distort the truth and block justice in order to win, showcasing the imperfect nature of the justice system and highlighting the potential for abuse (Morris, 2013, p.623). The following exchange between Mike Ross and Harvey Specter illustrates this point: As the characters in the show discuss the facts of particular cases, they deliberate as to how best solve the case, regardless of the methods used. In one of the episodes, Harvey Specter is shown to negotiate with the opposing counsel lawyer, Evan Smith, to hide evidence that is crucial for the case in order to protect his secretary from being

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